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Many types of groups can support our efforts by organizing collection programs:

    •   Baseball teams at any level, including Major League
    •   Youth organizations
    •   Schools
    •   Local Rotary Clubs and other community clubs
    •   Bar and bat mitzvah candidates (Visit our Mitzvah Projects page)
    •   Baseball coaches and umpires associations
    •   and many others!

Collecting equipment can be an easy and fun project. For example, you can collect equipment at a local service day, or by setting up collection bins in a high-traffic area.

Use your creativity. Share your successes and new ideas with us and other prospective groups. Good luck and have fun!

If you're interested in staging a collection of equipment in your community, we want to help. Here are some materials you can download to make your collection drive a success:

    •   "How To Hit A Homerun" Tip Sheet
    •   Flyer
    •   MiniPoster
    •   Poster - 300dpi (12MB)
    •   Poster - 150dpi (4MB)
    •   Donation Sign
    •   Equipment Signs
    •   Press Release Template
    •   Logo
    •   Tagline

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer your questions, help brainstorm new ideas and give you some ideas of what to do next.


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